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Access Your Corjl Template

Check your email to get the direct link.

A message from Corjl will be sent by email registered with your order/account, usually within 5 minutes of purchase.



Click link, then follow the prompts to sign in or create an account (it’s free) and access your template.

Need to create your Corjl Buyer Account?

Go to Corjl and Sign Up

If you're new the platform, click here to create your new Buyer Account. Once you've filled out all your information and agreed to the terms of service, click "Send email code".


Now go check your email for the code. The sender should be "no_email" and you should see "Corjl Code - Your SignUp Code is..." in your subject line.

Once you have the code, head back over to Corjl and enter the into, then click confirm.

Now you should see your beautiful, new template! 

If you don't immediately see your new template. Click on your account name in the top right. From the drop menu and select "Orders". 

It will bring to your orders page which has your order history including your newly purchased template.