hey there, I'm Angela

A maritime spun artist and photographer with a purpose.

Obsessed with: anything chocolate, making beautiful art that is affordable, and living my best life (even when anxiety hits). Not to mention, being the poster girl for "if my mouth didn't say it, my face will". Plus, I love making my kids laugh when I do my version of "the people's eyebrow".

making accessible art wasn't always on my mind

In fact, just a couple of decades ago you could have found me - a poor photography student carting my camera bag. Going to gallery openings to see art I couldn' dream of ever affording.

In 2015, I spent 25 cents to list my first product on Etsy. Little did I know that would launch my first step into finding ways to make beautiful art affordable. After 7 years on Etsy, I launched the shop and playfulpixiestudio.com was born. Today you can find me snuggled up in my cozy New Brunswick home with my two kiddos and hubby, basking in the beauty of the Atlantic coast.

and little Angela?


I probably should have known that the girl who would draw on her bedroom walls (sorry mom), would want everyone to have beautiful and affordable art someday.

right now...

Just assume I'm snacking on something chocolatey and dreaming of ways we can all have sparkly art on a easily.

Want to know what makes me feel sparkly? Helping people fill their homes with beautiful, meaningful art.

In case you're new here, I believe that art happens. Whether it's with a $500 paint brush dipped in gold, a piece of driftwood or on a screen isn't important. What is important is how it makes you feel. I can't wait to show you exactly what I mean...

we're about to kick it old school!