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Find out how to edit your template!

We've got your back with this tutorial detailing all the steps to edit your template. There are oodles of photos, so you can see it for yourself as we go.

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Editable templates

Explore our wide selection of photo collages, milestone maps, editable star stats and more! Perfect for beautiful personalized gifts even for last minute gifts. Edit from your browser, download and print.

Easy editable templates

Gift shopping just got easy! Playful Pixie Studio's collection of templates is fun, easy, and affordable. Find beautiful personalized gifts for any occasion. From Mothers Day, and Father's Day, to birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and more. Plus there is something for everyone, from grandma, mimi, and papa to auntie, tio and massi.

From word photo collages, milestone maps, long distance maps, star birth stats, there is something for everyone. The templates can edited from your browser (best to use Chrome) in minutes. Bonus - try any template's demo before purchase! Check item description for demo link.