Beat Boredom with a Kid-Friendly Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Beat Boredom with a Kid-Friendly Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Looking for a fun and engaging activity to keep the kiddos entertained this summer? I've got just the thing! 

Drum roll please...

A Photo Scavenger Hunt!!!!

Seriously! It's not only a fantastic way to spark creativity, but it also encourages kids to explore and see the world through a different lens. 


Organizing your photo scavenger hunt

1. Plan your hunt
  • Choose a location: From backyards, to local parks, or even indoors on those rainy days, just pick a safe and interesting location. 
  • Make a list: Create your list of items or themes for the kids to find and photograph. Here are some ideas to get you started:
    • A flower in bloom 🌸
    • Something blue 💙
    • A bug or insect 🐞
    • A reflection 🪞
    • Something that makes you happy 😃
2. Set the rules
  • Time limit: Decide on a time limit for the hunt. Keep in mind  the size of your location and how many  items are on the list when deciding. For younger kids from 6-10 years old, aim for 30 minutes or less. Older kids (up to 14) could enjoy a hunt from 1-2 hours.
  • Safety first: Ensure the kids understand the boundaries of the area and remind them to stay safe.
3. Equip your photographers
  • Cameras: Use digital cameras, smartphones, or even tablets. Make sure everyone knows how to use their device. 
  • Checklist: Give each kid a checklist of the items to find and photograph. If you have a longer list, include a pencil so they can keep track of their photos.
4. Get started!
  • Ready, set, go!: Set the kids loose with their cameras and checklists.

Creative ideas to enhance the hunt

Theme-based hunts
  • Nature hunt: Focus your list on elements of nature, like different types of leaves, rocks, or birds.
  • Colour hunt: Assign each munchkin a colour and have them find objects of that colour.
  • A to Z hunt: Find items that start with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Selfie hunt: The goal is to take a selfie with as many items on the list as possible. To make it more challenging, you can add specific instructions, like "no hands allowed."



Challenges and awards

  • Unique angles: Challenge kids to take photos from unique angles or perspectives.
  • Photo stories: Have them create a story with their photos, narrating their adventure
  • Prizes: Offer small prizes for categories like "Most creative photo", "Best Nature shot", "Funniest pic" or "Most dramatic image".

Why a photo scavenger hunt?

A photo scavenger hunt encourages exploration, as kids are pushed to investigate their surroundings. It also boosts their creativity, allowing to see the world in new and imaginative ways. These photos also become cherished memories and fun keepsakes from a day of exploring.


Share Your Adventure!

We’d love to see the amazing photos your kids capture! Share their scavenger hunt adventures on social media and tag us with #PlayfulPixieHunt for a chance to be featured on our page.
Happy hunting and snapping!




Grab my scavenger hunt lists and get started now!!

Nature Scavenger Hunt List

Selfie Scavenger Hunt List







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