How To Use One Photo On Two Clipping Masks In Corjl

How To Use One Photo On Two Clipping Masks In Corjl

Okay! So you just found that sparkly, twinkling photo collage template. Let me guess, you’re already to start editing your personalized collage just to find out that you can only use one photo per letter or shape. ONE. FREAKING. PHOTO.

Wait, what the F@#$!


Did you say ONE photo? Why? I wanted to use the same photo over more than one letter.

You see, when creating a template in Corjl, the designer is only able to add one clipping mask per shape or letter. That is why just one photo can be added to each. What is a clipping mask, you may ask? It's kinda like a cookie cutter, the mask will use the shape it's "clipped" to and cut out the same shape from the photo.

But don't worry, I got you! You can still use the same photo over more than one shape or letter, it just takes a few more steps.

So, let's get started... 

Select Your Awesome Photo

First we're going to replace "Photo 1" in our template. So go ahead and select the corresponding layer from the Layers Menu in the editing panel on the right.

Duplicate Image on More than one letter



Replace Image

Once selected, a new "Replace Image" button should appear at the top of the editing tools panel. Go ahead and click it.

Replace Photo In Template


Choose Your Photo 

From here, you're going to follow the prompts to select and add your image. 

Drag Image to Replace in Photo Collage



Editing New Photo

Okay! Your awesome photo is in place but is probably not looking so good or at least isn't aligned properly...yet. Don't worry, we're goind to resize and move our photo so it look ah-mazing!


Time to Resize

Look for the grey anchor dots. There are eight around the image block, 4 in the corners and 4 on the mid point of each line. To keep the proportions the same, drag the corner anchors in or out depending on your photo. If you use the mid points anchors, it will only change that side of the image by stretching or squeezing.

Resize photo in collage template


Now that the photo size has been adjusted it completely fills out the A mask. 

Drag anchor points to resize photo in template


Delete. That. Photo.

Now it's time to delete! I know the 'D' word is scary, but totally necessary in this case. So we're going to delete 'Photo 2'. Yup, go select the layer and then hit the delete icon in your tools panel in the top right. 

Delete next photo in photo collage


Duplicate Your Awesome Photo

Now that the second photo is gone, it's time to duplicate the photo you added in earlier. First, select 'Photo 1', then click the duplicate icon in your tools panel in the top right.

Duplicate new image in photo collage template



Move it.

Once the photo is in, it will appear in the top of the layers list, so you will need to drag it down to above your empty mask, in the example it will be above the "U" mask.

Move duplicate photo above clipping mask in template


Create Clipping Mask

With the duplicate photo in place, right click on the layer (for mac users, press and hold the Control key and click) then select "Create Clipping Mask" from the pop up menu.

Create clipping mask for photo in collage


Move it. Move it.

Now the photo should be in the shape of our mask. But chances are that it doesn't look exactly right. That means it's time to move the duplicate photo layer until it makes sense visually with in the "A".

Adjusting duplicate photo in collage template


Lock It In Place

Sometimes if multiple layers overlap, the mouse gets confused and doesn't know which layer to select and can select the wrong one. If this happens, there is an easy fix. Select the layer that you DON'T want to move from the Layers Menu. Then click on the lock icon next to the layer. For this template, we'll want to lock 'Photo 1' and the 'A' mask layers, that way they won't be editable and can't move until you unlock them.

Lock layers in personalized photo collage


Keep Moving

Now, with those pesky layers locked, it's time to move 'Photo 2' until it looks good. You can either use your the arrows on your keyboard or your mouse to move the photo in the design.



Unlock It If you Locked It

Once you're done moving or editing the layer, you can unlock your locked layers.

Adding same photo to multiple photo masks




And that's it! You've just used you're beautiful photo over two masks in a template. Now you can keep on editing your template. 


Happy editing!

xo Angela


P.S. - If you need some extra help editing the rest of the template, here are some helpful tutorials:

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Corjl Clipping Mask Tutorial

How to add one photo to two clipping masks in Corjl

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